Trumpf sells two 16kW lasers to Danish research company

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Lindoe Welding Technology (LWT) has commissioned Trumpf to supply a 32kW disk laser system for hybrid welding.

Based in the Danish town of Munkebo, LWT has set itself the goal of supporting Scandinavian industry in the development of competitive production systems using high-power laser technology. The laser system delivered by Trumpf provides the basis for developing deep penetration welding processes in thick metal sheets for wind power and ship-building customers. It is a system that uses two 16kW TruDisk disk lasers that pass through a twin fibre optic cable. This makes it possible to process components with 32kW laser power using Trumpf reflective focusing optics.

The Danish test and development firm is planning to adapt techniques for industrial scale welding of thick sheet metal that have not yet found their way out of research laboratories. Further research areas include laser cutting and surface treatment.