UK photonics companies to share in government funding

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Photonics companies are among more than 120 UK businesses and institutions and 20 universities that are to share in £20 million of UK government funding for research and development and feasibility studies.

The UK government’s Technology Strategy Board will invest £15 million in 41 of the collaborative R&D projects and £2 million in the 82 feasibility studies, Scottish Enterprise has offered support totalling £2.68 million to 12 projects and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has offered grants to two projects, totalling £434,000.

The UK government’s universities and science minister David Willetts said: ‘Developing and adopting new technologies can be a significant driver of economic growth. These exciting research and development projects will translate technically feasible ideas into more developed and advanced innovations.’

The photonics companies funded for R&D projects include, Coherent Scotland, M Squared Lasers and Thales Optronics. The photonics companies funded for feasibility studies include Holoxica, M Squared Laser and Polyphotonix.