VI and Berlin university share strong signal

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VI Systems, a provider of optical engines and components, and the Technical University of Berlin have demonstrated error-free 10Gbit/s digital signal transmission using a 1310nm duo-section laser with a monolithic electro-optic-modulator (EOM) section.

The device can provide simultaneously high-speed active signal transmission and the delivery of high-frequency (40GHz) signal through the mode-locked operation.  

According to VI Systems, as the EOM section of the laser has a small surface area and operates under reverse bias, the power consumption of the driver electronics can be greatly reduced. Mode-locking frequencies in the range of 60 to 80GHz and the corresponding active data transmission at 20 to 25Gbit/s can be accessible with further optimisation.

The patent-protected concept of electro-optically modulated pulsed laser for active data transmission is expected to provide multiple advantages in telecommunications and wireless signal distribution, particularly for wireless Gigabit transmission WiGig and existing wireless (Wi-Fi) applications.