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World's fastest LiFi system developed

Kyocera SLD Laser, a developer of laser light sources, recently announced the development of the world’s fastest LiFi system, which delivers greater than 90 gigabit per second (Gbps) – 100 times faster data rate than 5G. 

The company demonstrated its innovation ‘DataLight’ for automotive and consumer applications, at CES last week.

‘We are thrilled to announce KSLD’s achievement of a world record LiFi data rate of 90Gbps,’ stated Dr James Raring, CEO of Kyocera SLD Laser. ‘To pioneer the future of lighting and wireless connectivity, our ultra-high speed LiFi technology is eye-safe, impervious to ambient lighting, secure, efficient, and RF-free.

'KSLD is commercialising LiFi solutions for customers in mobility applications, automotive, and undersea, as well as RF-sensitive environments such as airplane cabins, smart factories, healthcare, secure government facilities, and smart cities.’ 

‘This demonstration marks a significant milestone toward showcasing the full potential of LiFi,’ stated Professor Harald Haas of the University of Edinburgh, widely known as the inventor of LiFi and an advisor to KSLD. ‘A foundation of our future digital world is the capability to transmit huge amounts of data. This can only be done effectively if we have big enough and affordable data pipes. My team at the LiFi Research and Development Centre and I are very proud of this remarkable achievement using the unique KSLD LaserLight devices.’

KSLD’s DataLight LiFi system wields the firm’s dual-emission visible and infrared LaserLight sources, which enable the development of potent intelligent illumination systems including spatially dynamic lighting, night vision, accurate sensing and lidar, as well as optical power transmission. The firm says its DataLight engines have the potential to be optimised in the future using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


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