µ-Joule Meter

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The µ-Joule Meter, from LTB Lasertechnik Berlin, is an energy measuring module for pulsed lasers that can be used for measuring very small pulse energies (30nJ–250μJ) and it is characterised by a very low background noise limit of 6nJ.

All the function units for measurement acquisition, processing, settings, software calibration, digitalisation and storage are included into the very compact measurement module. Several modules can be operated in parallel on a PC. The measured values are displayed via the software. Each energy value gets a time stamp in the measurement module, so the energy values can be represented as function of time or alternatively of the pulse number. Export and statistic functions are provided for the evaluation of the measurements. In addition, correction factors can be entered when attenuators are used or transmission losses are to be evened out. Besides all current light fibres the free beam can also be measured. 

The μ-Joule Meter was developed for on-line monitoring in laser-induced industrial analytics and medical diagnostics. Further application areas are the development of systems and methods, simultaneous monitoring of processes as well as system calibration and service.