The range of πShaper beam shaping systems has been extended by a new collimator model, the πShaper_37_34_1064 (pronounced 'pi-shaper'), optimised for powerful, up to 6kW,  fibre coupled solid state or diode lasers, as well as for fibre lasers operating at near-IR wavelengths. The πShaper converts, with nearly 100 per cent efficiency, a divergent TEM00 or multi-modal laser beam into a collimated flattop beam, while maintaining a uniform intensity profile over a large working distance and providing low divergence of the output beam.

Combining a πShaper with additional focusing or anamorphotic optics makes it possible to achieve round or linear dots of uniform intensity and extended depth of field. The variety of beam profiles, easy integration in robotic and other industrial systems, absence of internal focusing, and high damage threshold make the πShaper_37_34_1064  suitable for industrial applications such as welding, hardening, annealing, cladding, and display fabrication technologies.