0.2dB connectors without epoxy or polishing

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BBN International has launched a range of fibre termination solutions including the FAST Series (pictured) and Splice-On-Connectors.

The standard connector components include: ferrules with stepped APC and predomed options, connectors (SC, FC, ST, MU, LC etc.) and specials such as fibre arrays. The shuttered SC connector keeps out dirt, automatically opens on insertion and is compatible with standard SC connectors.

The FAST Series Connectors are field installable (without cumbersome tools), have no epoxy/polishing or splicing required and are compatible with standard SC connectors. The Splice-on-Connector has field termination with handheld splicer, with no epoxy/polishing required and a high grade factory pre-polished ferrule.

Other special solutions include fibre assemblies with glass and metal soldering, fibre end shaping and coatings e.g. for metallisation, anti-reflective etc.  

The termination equipment includes precision cleavers, epoxy curing ovens, polishing machines, accessories and consumables and fusion splicers and splice protection sleeves