FiBO 250

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BBN International has released the FiBO 250 interferometric fibre optic connector testing system.

The FiBO quickly and accurately maps the 3D end face form and finish of fibre optic connectors. This enables visual defect inspection, automatic 3D measurements including apex offset, radius of curvature fibre protrusion/undercut and roughness and full 2D defect analysis including scratch and dig.

At 165mm tall and 80mm in diameter, the FiBO 250 has a very small footprint. The compactness of its design contributes to its vibration insensitivity. A series of kinematic adapters makes switching between different PC or APC connectors fast and guarantees precise positioning.

The FiBO uses non-contact phase shifting interferometry to automatically and quickly capture the connector end face 3D map. This technique is inherently accurate and occasional calibration ensures it meets international standards.