10KW power/energy sensor

Ophir-Spiricon has released a 10KW power/energy sensor, able to directly measure high powers and power densities. The sensor is designed for use in material processing applications, such as welding and metal cutting. The 10KW sensor can measure output from YAG and fibre lasers with wavelengths in the 1040-1100nm range, and CO2 lasers at 10.6 microns. A wide aperture of 45mm allows for measurement of broad beams. The maximum power for concentrated beams is to 10KW/cm2, and the maximum energy density for a 10ms pulse is 150J/cm2.

Ophir-Spiricon's 10KW power/energy sensor uses a reflective cone to deflect the laser beam over the peripheral circumference of the sensor. This increases the radiated area and reduces the power density to manageable levels, alowing quick and accurate measurement.

The 10KW power/energy sensor features Ophir smart connector technology, which automatically configures and calibrates connected displays, including the company's Orion PE, Nova, Nova II, Vega, LaserStar, USBI, Pulsar, and Quasar displays.