YAG Focal Spot Analyzer

Ophir-Spiricon has launched the YAG Focal Spot Analyzer, which is a real-time system for measuring focus spot characteristics of high power lasers. 

The Focal Spot Analyzer is a compact, laser beam sampler/attenuator for camera-based laser beam profiling systems. Designed for material processing applications - such as drilling, ablating, and marking - the Focal Spot Analyzer attenuates high power, 1,064nm YAG lasers with short, compact path lengths, from 50 to 200mm.

The Focal Spot Analyzer supports powers levels from less than 1 to 400W and focal spot sizes as small as 25µm. Adjustable attenuation up to 1 x 10-10 maximises the system's dynamic range. The system measures focal spot characteristics as well as how focal distance shifts with power. A modular, C-mount unit, the Focal Spot Analyzer can easily be added to virtually any CCD camera.