11C/M Imaging Module

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An enhanced version of the 11C/M Imaging Module has been released by Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme. The new module relies on a Kodak 11-Megapixel CCD sensor, which is available as a monochrome or a colour sensor alternatively. With a sensor format of 24 x 36mm, the module is perfect to replace analogue image acquisition systems for 35mm photography. It features a great dynamic range and very low noise.

A new FireWire 800 interface with data transfer rates as high as 800Mb/s allows the acquisition of fast image sequences and high frame repeat rates as required for live image display on a computer monitor. Up to 4fps can be taken at full sensor resolution.

For module operation control and image acquisition, a dedicated Software Development Kit (SDK) with a documented programming sample is available to allow integration with special image processing or vision systems. The imaging module provides flexible options for triggering and individual sequence control of image acquisition.

The module has been designed for demanding vision control jobs. Areas of application include scientific photography, aerial photography and safety engineering.

Equipped with an optional liquid crystal shutter (LC shutter), it produces brilliant pictures, even at with minimum exposure time, with no smear effect.