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Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme has released the LDM301, a new laser sensor with large reach, and instant measuring results. The sensor measures the distance to moving and stationary objects at a range up to 3,000m with centimetre accuracy. In reflectorless operation, the LDM301 provides a captivating reach of 350m with virtually any type of natural surface. The laser sensor also records velocities of up to 100m/s. It can make measurements in times as short as 0.1ms.

The LDM301 has compact housing, straightforward mechanical attachment and configuration with RS422 or RS232 standard interfaces make it easy to install. A LED display allows device condition to be monitored while measurements are being taken. A heating function is integrated for reliable operation at temperatures as low as -40°C. The modular setup of the basic LDM301 device facilitates various extension options such as additional sighting appliances or interfaces.

The LDM301 is ideal for a variety of applications such as process control, process automation, fill-level measurement, storage engineering, positioning jobs or crane control.