1470nm fiber coupled diode laser

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PhotonTec Berlin has introduced a new 1470nm fibre-coupled diode laser with 2W and 3.5W output power through an optical fibre with 105µm core and a numerical aperture of 0.15 or 0.22.

With improved technology, the high-power 1470nm single emitter is able to be soldered on an aluminium nitride sub-mount, ensuring good heat dissipation and electrical isolation. The laser diode comes in a hermetically sealed and electrically isolated small tow-pin package for long-term reliability.

The fibre output can be pigtailed or terminated with a SMA 905 connector. The 1470nm is eye-safe wavelength. The applications include medical treatment, printing, remote sensing, etc.

Wavelengths of 1450nm, 1532nm and 1550nm are also available upon request.