1830-R optical power meter

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Newport has announced the 1830-R optical power meter that is a drop-in replacement for the company's legacy 1830-C meter.

The 1830-R's DC power measurements can be easily viewed in the 7-segment, backlit LED display. Units of W, dBm, dB and relative measurement can be displayed in the 4.5 digit wide-angle view. A wide dynamic range is provided with power sensitivities up to 10pW and full scale readings up to 2W (detector dependent). The unit's built-in audible beeping tone changes its frequency as a function of the incident optical power to aid the optimisation of beam alignment.

Other features of the 1830 meter include a USB 2.0 interface with the 1830-R model and an IEEE-488 RS232C output with the 1830-R-GPIB model. Two analogue output modes, 2V into 1MΩ and 1V into 50Ω impedance, are also provided. The enhanced 1830-R-GPIB optical power meters are hot-swappable with detectors such as Newport's low power 818-series photodiodes and its higher sensitive 918D photodiode detector series.