1936-C and 2936-C Benchtop Optical Power and Energy Meters

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Newport Corp has released the 1936-C and 2936-C optical power and energy meters.  

With an analogue board for sensitivity, accuracy and speed, these latest additions to Newport’s family of power meters are capable of power measurements of 11fW to 20kW and energy measurements of 7µJ to 20kJ. In addition, the devices offer measurement repetition rates up to 10kHz and frequency measurement of pulses up to 250kHz.

Users can select from six display colours to match their specific lighting conditions and laser eye war. Data storage is available via an internal 250,000 data point storage buffer or using an external USB flash drive. The 1936/2936-C also offers analogue and digital filtering, USB and RS-232 computer interfaces, trigger in/out control with alarm levels, an analogue bar graph with 10x zoom, and advanced programming toolkit, and colour plotting, statistics and on-board data post-processing. They also support true Root-Mean-Square (RMS) measurements, providing the most accurate RMS value regardless of the shape of the input waveform.

The 1936-C and 2936-C are also compatible with a wide range of Newport detectors. For low power measurements, these new optical power and energy meters can be combined with any one of Newport’s 918D Series Silicon, Germanium or Indium Gallium Arsenide Detectors. For high-power measurements, the 1936/2936-C Series meters can be combined with the company’s 818P thermopile detectors. In addition, these new instruments are also compatible with Newport’s 818E pyroelectric detectors for energy measurements of pulsed laser sources. Finally, pulse repetition rates from single shot to 10kHz can be measured directly with these instruments, without having to rely on oscilloscope measurements.