Pyreos NDIR thin film pyroelectric detectors

Laser Components now distributes a line of NDIR thin film pyroelectric detectors produced by Pyreos, enabling new levels of sub-ppm detection of gasses and pollutants. Using a 1μm thick sputtered PZT perovskite structure, a permanent polarisation pyroelectric detector can be produced with the benefits of semiconductor and MEMs manufacturing techniques. The detectors have a Curie point above 500°C and are extremely stable. They exhibit low noise and high output signals are achieved by using an integrated op-amp.

The technology originated with Siemens, and now offers an unprecedented new range of detectors spanning the 0.1μm to THz region. Optional black layers can be added for enhanced performance over selected wavelengths e.g. NIR or THz. Detectors in the NIR region are proving to be formidable devices compared to lithium tantalate pyroelectric detectors for NDIR gas sensing applications. Using either an IR emitter (typically pulsed between 1-10Hz) or light from the object of measurement (such as a flame) and narrow bandpass optical filters, gas detection levels from sub-ppm to 100 per cent can be achieved. With two, four or more channels, multiple gases may be simultaneously measured in real time, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can affect the environment and human health. VOCs build up slowly inside buildings. With the increased use of man-made fabrics in carpets and furniture that emit VOCs, there is increased interest for passive detection inside homes and offices.