193nm excimer laser

Microtrace has introduced a tabletop 193nm excimer laser for micro-marking, micro-machining and micro-drilling.

'This laser system has a proven track record of performance in the diamond and gemstone industry to inscribe microscopic serial numbers, logos and barcodes on diamonds,' said Brian Brogger, vice president of Microtrace.

Microtrace's laser division designs and manufactures turnkey laser and vision systems. Specialising in micro-marking, micro-machining and micro-drilling, Microtrace has experience in micro-fabrication on a wide range of materials including hard, brittle, delicate and transparent materials.

The company assists customers through the entire process of product development; from the initial feasibility tests, research and development, prototyping and scale up, to the manufacture and installation of laser and vision systems for production. The system will be on display the Micro-Manufacturing Conference in Minneapolis on 16 and 17 April.