FL series high-power fibre lasers

Rofin-Sinar Laser has broadened its product range with a new series of high-powered fibre lasers. The FL series offers two models, the FL x75 and FL 010, with output powers of 750W and 1,000W respectively. The lasers feature good beam quality, and can be coupled to fibre optics with diameters of 50-600µm; this is equivalent to beam qualities of 2.5-30mm x mrad. The Rofin FL 010 S optionally offers a fibre laser solution with typical single mode beam qualities of 0.4mm x mrad at 1,000W.

The Rofin FL series is suitable for a wide range of applications. Small parts can be welded with low thermal distortion and minimal heat affected zones, and steel or aluminum can be joined with welding depths of several millimetres. The beam quality allows the efficient use of 'dynamic beam' scanner systems, allowing 2D and 3D geometries to be processed. Optional beam-switch and energy-share modules allow good utilisation of the beam source; a single laser can be used in up to four individual work cells. The FL series lasers are designed for low-maintenance operation and long-term performance.