High power 808nm laser diode

Bookham has launched a new high power 808nm laser diode bar that can enable direct energy laser systems and range guided imaging for defence and security applications. The 100W bar also supports DPSS laser systems, including rod and slab lasers, as well as direct diode systems for flat panel displays and silicon annealing.

The bar on microchannel cooler provides a rated power of 100W in CW and hard-pulse on/off operation. The laser diode bar boasts a wall plug efficiency of 59 per cent, and a 50 per cent fill factor to enable higher power output from a larger emitter area. The extended wavelength range also includes 793nm, important to eye-safe applications based on thulium laser systems.

Like all Bookham high-power laser products, the front facet of the bar is protected against catastrophic optical damage by the E2 mirror passivation process. Telecom grade AuSn (gold tin) hard solder makes the product suitable for demanding industrial and defense applications in CW and hard pulse operation mode.