2400 series eye-safe laser diodes

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Intense have announced the new Series 2400 eye-safe laser diodes. The Series 2400 are 1,550nm short-pulsed single emitters and stacks, and have been redesigned for higher power and efficiency. The single emitters are available in 75µm to 150µm junction lengths, with power levels of 6W to 12W. Individual emitters can be stacked in a mini bar configuration to provide up to 48W of output power.

The Series 2400 laser diodes are designed for military and industrial applications, including range-finding, proximity fusing/sensing, weapons simulation, countermeasures, geo-surveying, and adaptive cruise control. The single emitters products are available at 6W and 12W powers, and the linear and standard array products are available at 12W, 24W, and 48W powers.

The Series 2400 are available in a variety of low inductance packages, including 5.6mm, 9mm, TO5, and TO18. They also can be fiber coupled in 200µm or 400µm core fibers, depending on the configuration. Other wavelengths from 1,400nm - 1,600nm are available on request.