Series 6020-808 single mode laser diodes

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Intense has released the Series 6020-808, high power, high brightness, 808nm single mode laser diodes for green laser pumping.

The Series 6020-808 are high beam quality, single mode lasers with up to 200mW of output power; they provide high brightness with low astigmatism and a Gaussian far field. Designed for pumping solid state laser sources, the new diodes allow OEMs to directly couple the output of the diode to the crystal.

The Series 6020-808 lasers can be used as in a variety of solid state pumping applications, including Vanadate, YLF, and NdYag.

Part of Intense's Series 6000 family of single mode lasers, the Series 6020-808 are based on the company's Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology, which increases the brightness and reliability of laser diodes while avoiding the usual problems associated with catastrophic optical mirror damage. The diodes offer high electrical conversion efficiency in a range of operating temperatures, from 25 to 50°C. The lasers are available in a selection of free space packages, including 9mm, C-mount, and TO3. Custom packaging and wavelengths are available on request.