30 micron pitch APD IR detector

Sofradir has released its new avalanche photodiode (APD) mid-TV format IR detector for amplifying low input signals, designed for military applications, active imagery (laser gated imaging), spectrometry, gas detection and a range of scientific applications. The 30µm pitch detector, made using mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) technology, enables users to operate cameras with small apertures or with narrow wavebands in extreme low light detection.

Sofradir's APD IR detector can amplify low input signals by a factor of 5,300, keeping the photodiode signal to noise level constant, a result unmatched by competing technologies the company says.

The announcement further expands Sofradir's portfolio of high-performance, high-volume MCT IR detectors in the short-waveband (1-2.5µm), and mid-waveband (3-5µm). It can be used for active imagery (2D or 3D). It can also be used for passive imagery, where low input signals are amplified.