Altair MWIR-MWIR multiple wavelength IR detector

Sofradir has launched the Altair MWIR-MWIR, a multiple wavelength IR detector for missile warning systems. The device provides dual visibility in the 3-4 and 4-5µm wavebands, allowing users to better identify objects and thereby reduce the number of false threats identified. The dual-band MW-MW IR detector also enables more accurate temperature measurement of targets.

The key advantage of dual-band IR detectors is that users can choose the band most suited to conditions, such as high humidity, high temperatures etc, to detect and identify targets and threats in the mid-wave range using a single piece of equipment. Or, they can fuse or compare the image of both bandwidths to improve target identification, for example, as the images will be naturally registered. Naturally registered means that the two colour dots that make up each pixel are able to focus on the same location at the same time.