308 PV microscope colorimeter

Elliot Scientific has announced that it has begun distributing the 308 PV microscope colorimeter, manufactured by Craic Technologies, to customers in the UK. The device analyses the colour of many types of microscopic sample non-destructively. Designed to be added to an open photoport of a microscope or probe station, the 308 PV features Craic Technologies' new Lightblades spectrophotometer for colour measurement by transmission and incident illumination. Colour from fluorescence and other types of emissions can also be measured.

Applications include quality control measurements of flat panel displays and the development of lighting products. The 308 PV system is a cost effective microcolorimetry tool for any laboratory or manufacturing facility.

The Lightblades spectrophotometer is designed and built by Craic Technologies specifically for microscale analysis, offering new levels of sensitivity and stability to give a flexible instrument that is custom designed to be added to a microscope. According to Elliot, the high resolution imaging, permanently calibrated variable apertures, and powerful software package combine to yield a new level of sophistication for microanalysis.