3rd Milennium Filters

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Laser Components has introduced 3rd Millennium filters, which combine patent-pending, hermetically-sealed assemblies with Omega Optical Alpha technology. Together, these offer superior spectral performance and longer filter life. Optical instruments can now incorporate a high performance off-the-shelf filter as a foundation for optimised performance. Alpha technology utilises precise and steep cut-on and cut-off slopes, producing slopes that are 10 times steeper than industry standard Fabry Perot designs giving improved transmission, better blocking and higher signal-to-noise.


At the heart of each 3rd Millennium filter is the patent-pending filter holder. This hermetically-sealed mount holds filter components to an exacting specification, eliminating optical epoxies. 3rd Millennium filters therefore effectively incorporate Alpha Technology, utilise optimised soft dielectric coatings and deliver a precise spectral performance, resulting in lower auto-fluorescence and improved transmitted wavefront.