IXFs series

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A new series of OEM, single axis, optical mounts from Siskiyou offer high stability at a low price point. This performance is achieved in the new IXFs series mounts through the use of Siskiyou’s monolithic flexure construction, in which the entire mount – both plates and springs – are fabricated from a single piece of metal. This unique configuration yields improved heat transfer through the mount over the traditional kinematic construction, resulting in significantly better pointing stability in the presence of temperature changes. And limiting the mount to a single axis of adjustment simplifies its construction, thus reducing cost.  

IXFs single axis mounts are currently available for optics in the 0.50 to 2.0 inches (12.7mm to 50.8mm) diameter range. A variety of mounting configurations are available, including bulkhead placement with either front or rear (through the bulkhead) adjustment options, making the mounts particularly useful for space constrained applications. IXFs mounts are also compatible with the Siskiyou IXFc Optic Clip, which enables components to be retained with no mechanical distortion.  

IXFs single axis series mounts are available in both steel and aluminium versions. The mount’s use in vacuum applications is further enhanced because monolithic construction utilizes no 'blind holes,' or other places in the mount in which gas or volatiles can be trapped, thus eliminating the potential for outgassing.