405nm Photon laser diode

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Photonic Products has launched a 25mW version of its 405nm (blue-violet) Photon laser diode module with TTL modulation.

The 25mW output power offered by the module provides higher energy density with a significantly higher signal-to-noise ratio and consequently greater accuracy and sensitivity for biomedical and biochemical analysis applications, such as flow cytometry and laser-induced fluorescence sensing, where the objective is to collect as much fluorescent signal as possible.

Designed as a complete laser diode solution for OEMs, the 405nm laser modules are also ideal for use in areas such as industrial imaging and inspection, medical imaging, spectroscopy, microscopy and many other emerging technologies where power, accuracy and sensitivity are vital.

The compact and efficient 405nm laser modules produce a stable elliptical output beam of 3.5 x 2mm with output power of 25mW. The glass AR-coated aspherical lens may be adjusted to produce either a collimated beam or focused spot. The standard lens may be replaced by other optical systems such as line generators.