Three blue-violet laser diodes

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Photonic Products has released three of Sanyo's tiny blue-violet laser diodes. The 405nm laser diodes offer 20mW, 45mW or 85mW optical output power, which is the highest power available in a single mode laser diode with an internal monitor photodiode.

This internal monitor photodiode, which can be used to accurately stabilise and control the optical output power, plus their stable beam structure, lower noise and lower current consumption, enables the blue-violet laser diodes to offer the performance required for critically demanding industrial and medical applications such as biomedical instrumentation, medical imaging, fluorescence sensing, high-resolution printing, advanced DVD and industrial alignment.

The three 405nm wavelength Sanyo laser diodes are: DL-4146-101S, which gives 20mW optical output power with a very low threshold current of 26mA, typical operating current of 35mA, operating voltage of 4.8V and monitoring output current of 0.2mA; DL-5146-101S that offers 45mW power with a threshold current of 35mA, typical operating current of 70mA, operating voltage of 5.2V and monitoring output current of 0.3mA, and the DL-7146-101S laser diode, which gives 85mW output power with a threshold current of 45mA, typical operating current of 110mA, operating voltage of 5.4V and monitoring output current of 0.3mA.

All three laser diodes have an internal monitor photodiode, a tiny package size of 5.6mm and operate at a temperature of 0º to +75º.