488nm FLEXPOINT Laser Modules

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Laser Components‘ Flexpoint laser module series now includes dot and line la­sers with 488nm. Therefore, in addition to 405nm and 450nm, a third wavelength is available in the blue spectral range.

Depending on the beam profile, the output power amounts to up to 40mW. Due to the narrow-banded emission of 488nm (±2nm), these laser modules are optimally suited for fluorescence applications, spectroscopic applications, and particle measure­ments. Further applications include biomedical and medical technology.

In addition to standard modules, customized laser modules can be developed and produced at attractive prices.

Also, Laser Components has developed a new xInGaAs detector, the line sensor IG22, for SWIR spectroscopy applications. Manufactured by Laser Components, the sensor has 256 pixels at 30μm x 250μm each with a pitch of 50μm. In cooled operation, the spectral range is covered up to 2.1μm.

The sophisticated extended InGaAs has interesting advantages: The photodiode dark current depends on the bias voltage applied. Thus, voltage-free operation is ideal; realistically, however, the input offset of the amplifier acts as bias voltage. In the IG22 array, this undesired voltage is reset to zero after each readout.

The amplification can be finely adjusted at eight levels, individually per pixel. This is practical because the middle of the line is often illuminated more strongly than its edges. Thus, the optimal dynamic range per pixel can be utilized.

The array is designed with a high linearity - the aim is a value of 99.9 per cent. The optimized thermal design consists of a two-stage Peltier element - so the array achieves a ΔT of 65K. In addition an anti-alias low-pass filter is integrated before the sample-and-hold circuit.

This array is equipped with all commercial standard features, such as correlated double sampling (CDS). Complete evaluation electronics are available with a USB interface.