The LT-PLM series

Laser Components has launched a new version of our Precision Laser Module which features a square cross section designed for easy mounting onto your system.  The LT-PLM series guarantees maximum parallelism between the laser beam and housing axis for high accuracy alignment applications.  The new housing is built with an h6 fit allowing for zero-clearance alignment for highly-exact positioning tasks.

These new precision lasers are very practical if suitable drilled holes are not present or assembly needs to be carried out on a flat surface; here the module also includes two M6 boreholes.

The deviation between the housing axis and the laser axis amounts to a maximum of 0.05mrad – which is equal to 1mm at a distance of 20m.  This eye-safe laser module has an output of 1mW and is available in the highly visible 635nm wavelength.  Other wavelengths and other output powers are also available.