500 series

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A new series of low cost DC drive motors from Siskiyou enable precise, hands-free adjustment of translation stages and mirror mounts using a simple, push button control pad.  

Specifically, the new 500 series actuators can replace manual screw and micrometer adjusters on Siskiyou’s crossed roller bearing linear stages, kinematic mirror mounts and IS OGP beam steering assembly for microscopes. The hand-held controller for operating these actuators offers two preset drive speeds (0.3mm/s and 0.1mm/s), as well as an adjustable low speed range (from 10μm/s to 30μm/s). The latter enables consistent, small moves (down to 1.0μm) with a single, short button press. 

The 500 series actuators for translation stages are available with either 12mm or 25mm of travel. The models intended for mirror mounts offer 5mm or 8mm of total travel. For all of these 500 series actuators, built-in limit switches prevent damage by ensuring that the stage or mount cannot be driven it past its intended end of travel. 

These simple, open loop, motorised actuators are ideal for any application in which stage or mount adjustment must be performed remotely, or where the adjustment interface is inaccessible. They are also ideal for applications needing precise, smooth, vibration-free adjustment, in small and large increments, for example for handling delicate objects.