600W Mini Stack

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Intense has introduced the 600W Mini Stack, the latest addition to its Hermes family of high power QCW stacked arrays. The 600W Mini Stack is an ultra compact 600W QCW stack with an emission area of less than 3 x 3mm. A high brightness stack, it generates output in the range of 7.6 kW/cm2. The design is built in standard wavelengths of 808 and 940nm. Custom wavelengths, including multicolour options, are available on request.

The standard 600W Mini stack is offered for operating conditions to 60&dec;C. High temperature versions of most Hermes bars and stacks, covering operating ranges from 70 to 130 degrees C, are available. Power levels and emission areas can also be custom designed to meet specific needs of OEM customers.

The 600W Mini stack and all Hermes bars and stacked arrays incorporate Intense's patented Quantum Well Intermixing (QWI) technology. This increases the brightness and reliability of the lasers while dramatically reducing instances of catastrophic optical damage (COMD).

The entire line of Hermes QCW bars and stacks are assembled using AuSn hard solder and designed for a wide range of aerospace, defence and industrial applications.