60W 808nm Conductive Cooled Laser Diode Bar

Bookham has launched its latest generation of high power 808nm laser diode bars. 

The new bar product’s capability to deliver 60W output power with a fill factor of 30 per cent and an emitter pitch of 500µm makes it ideally suited for fibre coupled and pump laser applications, including defence, medical and material processing laser systems. 

The 60W bar, which retains the existing small footprint of the 40W 30 per cent fill factor products, enables existing Bookham customers to upgrade the power of their laser systems without altering current bar configurations, and without the need to replace expensive optics. 

Like all Bookham High Power Laser Products, the front facet of the bar is protected against Catastrophic Optical Damage by the Bookham proprietary E2 mirror passivation process.  Telecom grade AuSn (gold tin) hard solder makes the product suitable for demanding industrial and defence applications in CW and hardpulse operation mode.