640nm DPSS laser

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UniKLasers has released its newest CW single-frequency DPSS laser at 640nm.

This DPSS laser emits at 640nm as a fundamental wavelength from its active laser material and, for the first time, provides the single frequency, ultra-low noise performance in the visible red region of the electro-magnetic spectrum, opening up new possibilities to researchers. The design impresses with its unparalleled beam quality.

Conventional diode-based laser assemblies and even those DPSS lasers used second harmonic conversion from near IR to the visible red spectrum are not capable of providing a good quality circular beam, either due to extremely large divergence of original emission from a laser diode or due to a 'walk-off' between the second harmonic and fundamental frequency waves that degrades the beam quality of the second harmonic.

The SOLO 640/xxxx shows M2 values less 1.05, and are thus better many times than other conventional laser sources in the red spectrum. The laser will be available with output power levels up to 1500mW.

As is common with all UniKLasers DPSS lasers, the unit produces a single longitudinal frequency (<1MHz line width) with a coherence length in excess of 100m. Optically the laser exhibits near perfect Gaussian beam performance coupled with <5μrad/°C beam pointing stability and exceptional noise figures down to <0.1% rms. For the cooling of the laser head just air convection is sufficient, no other provisions (for example a chiller or fan) are needed.