AltLAS Yb YAG passively Q-Switched laser

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Alrad Instruments is distributing Altechna's Yb:YAG micro laser, which produces high energy pulses at high repetition rates with medium peak power.

There are two operation modes (AltLAS-C): internal trigger with several fixed pulse repetition rates and external trigger mode where the laser can generate single pulse as well as any periodic or non-periodic pulse train.

Yb:YAG micro laser is the latest development of Altechna R&D department. This device combines high repetition rate and powerful pulses with excellent beam quality and very high output power. Due to the unique characteristics of the Yb:YAG laser crystal, a wide range of different parameters is available on request.

Main applications include: a pump source for harmonic generators, and amplifiers, laser induced fluorescence, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), test and measurement systems and environmental sensing within biodetection.