6kW and 2kW TruDisk lasers

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Trumpf has added new technology at 6kW and 2kW power levels to its line of TruDisk disk lasers, which use 25 per cent less energy and are more compact than their forerunners. The energy management system senses when the laser is stood idle and puts it in standby mode.

The resonator design allows for efficiency gains of up to 70 per cent, and the system is capable of achieving overall beam source efficiencies of over 30 per cent. This can reduce power consumption by up to 90 per cent. The heat exchanger and integrated water management makes the laser system cooling efficient.

En route from the resonator to the workpiece, the laser beam passes through a series of components and through this process around 10 per cent of applied energy is typically lost. The power figures quoted by trumpf are for power at the workpiece and not at the laser output hence factoring in the transit losses.