808nm single emitter diode lasers

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The new high-efficiency 808nm single emitter diode lasers made by Alfalight and distributed by Pacer do not require any cooling or external components to maintain wavelength, reducing their energy consumption by up to three times compared to thermally-controlled pump lasers.

These laser diodes are ideal for military and commercial applications requiring uncooled wide-temperature-range operation, as well as unique, emerging applications demanding a narrow, stable pump wavelength such as diode-pumped alkali lasers and thulium-doped fibre lasers.

The new diode lasers feature wavelength stabilisation and have a monolithic grating integrated directly onto the semiconductor chip itself. The grating-defined wavelength is stable relative to changes in temperature and drive current, while maintaining a narrow spectral width. They offer peak power conversion efficiency of 52 per cent, a 30ºC wavelength locking range over their entire 0.2 to 2.5W output power, and a tight ±1.5nm centre wavelength tolerance.

The AMx-808BW devices are available from Pacer International in a 2W fibre-coupled 6-pin package, and 2.5W chip-on-carrier C-mount and Q-mount options.