AM6-915B family

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A family of high reliability, single-emitter laser pump diodes from Alfalight is available in economical, convenient uncooled six-pin packages.

The AM6-915B family, available via Pacer, provides 10W of 915nm light output with a high brightness 105µm, 0.15 or 0.22NA fibre. The high-reliability single-emitter (SE) diode includes a thermistor for temperature monitoring, and is available in an uncooled, compact six-pin industrial grade package that simplifies PCB mounting. 

The high-power Alfalight pumps target cost-sensitive industrial markets including small continuous-wave (CW) lasers, small/low-cost pulsed lasers, and some mid-range CW and small military systems.

Engineering samples and production volumes are available now from Pacer, with pricing on request. Two variants are offered, both in a six-pin industrial grade package: AM6-915B-10-108, 10 W 915±8 nm, 105 µm/0.15 NA and AM6-915B-20-108, 10 W 915±8 nm, 105 µm/0.22 NA