818P series thermopile detectors

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Newport has introduced three new additions to its 818P Series of thermopile detectors; the fan-cooled 818P-500-55, the water-cooled 818P-3KW-060, and the high-sensitivity 818P-001-12NIR. The company states that significant performance improvements have been made in order to meet customer requirements.

The first model, the 818P-500-55 thermopile detector with a cooling fan, can handle up to 500W of continuous optical power, which is an improvement upon the 400W limit of the company's previous detector. The new device also features a 55mm diameter active area and flat responses to wavelengths from 0.19 to 20 microns.

The 818P-3KW-060 model is a water-cooled detector, able to handle up to 3kW of CW power. When illumination is limited, it can handle up to 4kW of power for up to five minutes. Strategically designed to perform effectively and with low sensitivity to the cooling water temperature, this model is ideal for lasers with a very high optical output power, such as CO2 lasers and fibre lasers. Output connections include an attached cable with a DB15 connector (for use with a Newport optical power meter) and/or a USB port for direct interface without a power meter.

The third product in the family is the innovative, high sensitivity 818P-001-12NIR thermopile optical sensor. It is designed to measure down to micro-watt-level optical power, with a wavelength range from 0.28 to 1.36 microns. This product is insensitive to beam position and offers the spatial dependence of thermopiles, while retaining the high sensitivity only available with photodiodes. Suitable for users working with lasers in the µW and mW range and those who require a much lower thermal drift (a low of 6µW/ºC) than standard thermopile detectors. The 818P-001-12NIR is calibrated with a fused silica window mounted on the tube, so that long wavelengths (>1.36 microns) can be cut out of the measurement.