Absolute Multiline Technology

Etalon has developed Absolute Multiline Technology, which combines the advantages of an interferometer with those of absolute measuring systems.

Integrated in a large machine tool, the technology continuously monitors machine calibration, and initiates compensating measures to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the components. The technology can carry out automated metrology monitoring of robots, and act as a global metrology system for monitoring the inline measuring technology of a production hall. Geometrical long-term monitoring of the dimensional stability of fixtures, as well as the detection of deformations and vibrations of (thermo-) mechanical systems are possible.

In every measurement, the absorption spectrum of a gas cell that stays constant over decades is scanned and the system is automatically recalibrated. The measurement uncertainty of the system is 0.5ppm (0.5µm per metre) for distances between 0.2 and 20m.

One Absolute Multiline System can drive up to 100 measurement channels. Each sensor consists of a commercial fibre and a miniature optical element without any electronic components. It can measure motions of an object with a resolution of over 500kHz during one measurement interval. It can also conduct measurements under extreme environmental conditions, far away from the evaluation electronics.