Ace lasers

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Advanced Optical Technology has released special versions of its Ace short-pulse E-O Q-switched Nd:YVO4 lasers operating above 100kHz, the maximum of the standard range. ACE products use laser technology to allow the efficient generation of high beam quality pulses in around 500ps to few nanosecond range. The current Ace models find use in a wide range of industrial, commercial and R&D applications, from high precision micro-machining, through aerial mapping to biochemistry and scientific R&D. Active Q-switching allows the user to accurately synchronise the short TEMoo laser pulses to external events.

The company is now offering special ACE oscillators that can operate at pulse rates to 250kHz. These new units provide pulses of 10μJ energy with duration of 1ns to 3ns, depending on rep-rate and user need. The lasers retain their high efficiency, beam quality and their capability of excellent pulse synchronisation. The lasers will be of particular interest to users where higher throughput, or faster data acquisition, greatly improves the attractiveness of the laser application.