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CVLM57 multi-junction 1550nm laser diode

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Laser Diode Incorporated (LDI) has introduced its innovative multi-junction 1550nm pulsed laser diode. The CVLM57 series is the first ever broad-area 1550nm laser diode that incorporates three epitaxially grown junctions in a single chip. LDI's InGaAsP/InP based structure is grown using the technique of metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy (MOVPE), and it utilises a customised facet passivation process that results in a reliable, long lifetime device.

The CVLM57 laser is a high performance multi-mode model, delivering 25W of peak pulsed power from a standard 350µm x 10µm emitter. Power can be increased by utilising a stack of up to three devices. Other emitter sizes are available on special order.

The CVLM57 operates at a peak forward current of 20A. The spectral width is less than 12nm, and beam divergence is typically less than 37° by 12° full width at half maximum. 

The CVLM57 laser is ideal for use in range-finder, surveying equipment and 'friend or foe' identification applications. The CVLM57 diode is available in 9mm, TO18T, TO18C packages, and is also offered with a fibre-coupled configuration (TO5F package) with up to 30W output power from a single 400µm 0.37NA fibre.  All packaging configurations are RoHS compliant.