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Unpolarised fibre-coupled laser

Dilas has launched a high-power fibre-coupled module that enables a truly unpolarised optical output beam. Within the fibre-coupled module architecture, Dilas uses a polarisation scrambler to achieve random polarisation. With a degree of polarisation of less than 0.1, this product is suitable for a wide array of OEM pumping applications, primarily diode-pumped solid-state laser manufacturers demanding increased stability for their next generation products.

Standard modules are now available up to 40W at 808nm, 880nm, 915nm, 940nm and 980nm, with a numerical aperture of 0.22 from 400µm core fibres, making the device the most reliable and highest performing fibre-coupled module available today.

Measuring less than 100 x 31 x 20mm, the module features a wall plug efficiency greater than 35 per cent. The modules typically draw 55A of current, with a compliance voltage of 1.8V. Standard wavelength tolerances are +/-3nm with spectral widths less than 5nm.


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