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Lasermet has launched the new ADM-1000 advanced laser power meter. With excellent rise times, the instrument offers excellent performance combined with the ease of using a hand-held power meter.

The power meter combines an effectively instantaneous response rate (700ns) with the ability to make consistent, accurate measurements of peak and average power across a wide range of wavelengths and power levels. For pulsed laser users, the ADM-1000 offers the precision to measure and display waveforms up to 400kHz.

The hand-held ADM-1000 can be used in conjunction with any of the Lasermet detector heads. It provides clear digital and graphical oscilloscope display modes and a full illuminated numeric keypad for fast, easy control and data entry.

There are a variety of compatible high-performance photodiode and thermal heads to choose from depending on the laser characteristics and type of measurements to be undertaken. The photodiode heads are available in standard, UV-and IR-enhanced models and are fitted with integrating spheres to eliminate reflections and allow easy alignment and highly accurate measurement. A compact photodiode head is also available for use in confined spaces.

The thermal heads include Lasermet’s patented speed-up circuitry giving a rise time of 0.1 sec that is effectively instantaneous when used for laser tuning. The problems of drift and thermal interference often associated with thermal heads have been massively reduced through Lasermet’s patented advanced integrated stabilisation circuitry.