Advanced digital laser power and energy meter

Lasermet's advanced digital laser power and energy meter, the ADM1000, now has a PC interface programme enabling users to view and measure more data more accurately.

By extending the user interface to a PC, waveforms can be seen in greater detail and the results can be saved either as an image (bmp, png or jpeg) or as data in a csv file. By saving the data in an Excel format the waveforms can be recalled and displayed as required.

The power range and meter mode functions can be set directly from the PC. One of these options is to set the meter to display average readings or peak power over a period of time. To record long term variations the data logging functions can be used including the ability to set the logging duration whereby the logging function can be left to run and it will switch off at the end of the designated period. The data logging (.csv) file is subsequently retrieved and can be viewed as a graph.