AeroPulse series

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NKT Photonics has released the AeroPulse line of high power picosecond lasers - a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fibre lasers based on NKT's photonics crystal fibre platform. The line is designed for applications within semiconductor inspection, bioimaging and material processing.

The AeroPulse lasers have up to 40W average power and 5-20ps pulse length. The system can be operated 24/7, maintenance free, and can be monitored via remote diagnostics.

The system configuration consists of a 19-inch rack-mountable control unit and a low profile laser head that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The complete system can be either air-cooled for low output power performance or water-cooled for high output power performance.

System operation is simple and various functions can be changed on-the-fly without powering down the system. As standard, the laser is available with either 10 or 40W output power emitting at 1,035nm. Other wavelengths, including green, are available upon request.