AG-LS25 high precision miniature linear stage

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The AG-LS25 is a new, high-precision miniature linear stage offering a wide range of advanced features at a competitive price.


Powered by Newport’s new Agilis piezo step direct motor, the unit has ultra-high adjustment sensitivity. It is also lightweight and extremely compact and provides for convenient remote operation. The AG-LS25 size and price are comparable to those of a high quality manual stage.


The Agilis piezo motor is directly coupled to the moving carriage with no intermediate screw or gear. When idle, the motor holding force locks the position for true set-and-forget, long-term stability.


Compared with alternative screw-driven designs, the AG-LS25 compromises neither adjustment speed nor lifetime, and has no backlash. In contrast to ultrasonic motors, the Agilis non-resonant motor makes small incremental adjustments more predictable with a 50nm incremental motion capability, which is ideal for ultra-sensitive alignments.