AG-PR100 polariser rotator

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AG-PR100 is a polariser rotator which features 360° continuous rotation for 1-inch diameter waveplates and polarisers.


This unit features Newport’s new Agilis piezo step direct motor which provides ultra-high adjustment sensitivity and convenient remote operation. The Agilis piezo motor is directly coupled to the moving carriage with no intermediate screw or gear. Precision motion is achieved by a proprietary ball-bearing that ensures better than 100μrad wobble. When idle, the holding force of the motor locks the position for true set-and-forget, long-term stability.


The AG-PR100 offers all the benefits of a motorized component in an ultra-compact, lightweight casing, at a price comparable to that of a high quality manual stage. Compared with alternative screw-driven designs, it compromises neither adjustment range nor lifetime, and has no backlash.