Air and water-cooled amplifiers

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Patented diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) Micro-slab technology is the basis for Midaz' range of air and water-cooled amplifiers, the UK company has announced.

Sub-nanosecond microchip lasers at tens of kilohertz and 100-200mW output powers can be amplified to >15W using the DPSS-based technology. According to Midaz, Micro-Slab technology offers unparalleled performance for ultra-high gain (~105) amplification of CW and pulsed seed lasers at 1064nm.

A key benefit is to significantly increase laser output power in a single-stage amplification, eliminating cost and complexity of using pre-amp stages. This low cost access to high power picosecond lasers enables competitive tools for precision cold ablation of high value substrates and products.

With Midaz’ technology, picosecond fibre seed sources with 1-2W can deliver >35W with peak powers exceeding >5MW. Inherent in the design is a simple alignment procedure to maintain high beam quality of input seed with M2 <1.3. The combination of seed laser and amplifier can easily integrate into laser systems for micromachining, marking or can be used for research and development.