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Heason Technology has launched the new AirGlide Ultra Precise Air Bearing System. With positional accuracy to within three microns for the standard version and better than one micron for the interferometer calibrated version, the AirGlide has a bidirectional repeatability of +/- 0.3 microns over a travel range of up to 1000 mm.

The high-stiffness/ultra-smooth bearing system has a space saving shuttle design that features a high-speed linear brushless servomotor and perfectly suits precise velocity scanning as well as nanometre level step and repeat applications in high throughput production systems or research.

A choice of sub-micron or nanometre resolution encoders in single axis or XY configurations from 150 mm to 1000 mm travel are available and AirGlide's impressive standard specifications include an acceleration capability to 5 m/s2, maximum velocity to 1 m/s and loads up to 40 kg. These application dependant values may be increased and can be  adapted for specific customer requirements with Heason and Dover engineering support teams available to assist customers from initial design through to commissioning and beyond.


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